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Prejudice Reborn is a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece. Since 2010 and until 2015, the group had been composed by Tassos Kanellopoulos (Vocals, Bass), Manolis Konstas (Drums), Kostas Karavolas (Guitars), Thodoris Pantazis (Guitars). In 2015 Thodoris Pantazis left the band and Stavros Kanellopoulos joined as the new member on Guitar duties. To date Prejudice Reborn have released one self-funded demo called Weak (2008), a promo EP titled “Rain Must Fall” (2010), a full length album titled “Elpis” (2013) by B- Otherside Records and four promo video clips O.C.D. (2011) Beautiful Sadness (2011), Tantalize Live video (2013) and Innocence Gone (2013).

Formation and Early Years (2005 – 2010)

Prejudice Reborn were formed in 2005 by Tassos Kanellopoulos, Manolis Konstas and Stavros Kanellopoulos. The band had participated in various live concerts and local gigs. After a lot of line up changes Prejudice Reborn released their first self-funded demo called ‘Weak’ in the end of September 2008. During the summer of 2008 the band also participated in a Tribute KISS album covering the song Calling Dr.Love which was released with the Rock Hard Issue of July. The album was called Greektures of the Night – A tribute to KISS by Greek bands. After a break in 2009 due to the fulfilment of their Greek Army obligations, the band started working on some new material in the beginning of 2010. In June the group was fully reformed with Thodoris Pantazis and Kostas Karavolas as guitarists.

Rain Must Fall (2010 – 2012)

Rain Must FallThe band started recording their forthcoming studio album in the Fragile Studios in the beginning of July. From these recordings four songs were released as a promo EP album titled “Rain Must Fall”. The EP was released in November 28th. For the promotion of their EP the band decided to film their first video, the song “O.C.D.” which was released in 25 January 2011.

OCD aired in Headbangers Ball at MTV Greece and in TV WAR at MAD TV with members of the band giving an interview.

The “Rain Must Fall” EP was reviewed at the Greek Magazine “Metal and Heavy Metal Hammer” and highly scored 9 out of 10. In June Prejudice Reborn were named “artist of the month” in the famous music site (Noiz provides a place for greek electronic musicians and audio enthusiasts to learn and discuss everything there is to know about music technology, music and audio.)

During that time the band also shot a second video “Beautiful Sadness” on 8 October 2011. “Beautiful Sadness” was taken from the upcoming full-length album “Elpis” and was the first Greek metal video clip featuring underwater video shots from members of the band and actors.

The recordings and the producing of the album continued during 2012.
On 14th April 2012 the band performed with the legendary hip – hop band ‘Imiskoumbria” in their live show for the celebration of their 16th
anniversary, which took place in Fuzz Club in Athens, Greece. From that show the song “Tantalize” was released as the band’s first live official video(directed from Thodoris Pantazis). Furthermore the metal cover version of Imiskoumbria’s “Meth sto Volan” that was performed with them was released from Imiskoumbria” themselves.

On 1 June of 2012 the band paid tribute to “The Black Album” also known as “Metallica”.
Prejudice Reborn is well known in Greece for their Metallica Tributes.
The band completed the producing of “Elpis” in November and started searching for a record company.

Elpis (2013 –present)

ElpisOn 4 January 2013 the band paid tribute to Metallica’s “Kill ‘em All” as a 30th anniversary. “Elpis” was finally released on 21 March from B-Otherside Records (Planet Of Zeus, Diafana Krina, Mora stin Fotia, B-Sides and other) in physical and digital format through all major digital music stores (iTunes, Amazon etc.). The album contains 11 songs including “Elpis”, “Innocence Gone”, “OCD” and “Beautiful Sadness”. The digital format also contains “Tantalize (live at Fuzz 2012)” as a bonus track. “Innocence Gone” was shot as a music video with Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud), who also shot the OCD video, and was released on April 2013. Prejudice Reborn are currently in the studio, recording and producing their new album.



Lord of Light (2014 – present)

Prejudice Reborn started working on their next album in 2014 . The second full length album, called “Lord of Light” is set to be releases in Fall 2015. The album, as well as the self-titled track is inspired by the popular TV series “Games of Thrones” and it will include 10 songs. On September 10 2015 the band announced the departure of Thodoris Pantazis from the rhythm guitars duties after five consecutive years in the band’s line up. The replacement guitarist is yet to be announced along with the details for the release of the new album.

You can contact Prejudice Reborn for any management proposal, question or further information.
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